Learn about Traditional Norwegian Wind Instruments!

In this workshop, participants will experience traditional Norwegian wind instruments.

Time and place: May 2014 at The Norwegian Seamen’s Church, 317 East 52nd street, NY
Instructor: Magnar Storbækken and Mary Barthelemy
Age group: 12 and up
Number of Participants: 
Session time: 1 day, 2 ½ hours

traditional norwegian wind instruments


Participants will experience traditional Norwegian wind instruments: neverlur, bukkehorn and a variety of flutes. With a small amount of whittling, and expert help, we will make a playable «seljefløyte» [willow/sallow flute]. This type of long, end-blown overtone flute, originally made of willow bark, has no finger holes - excepting the end of the tube! Blowing with varied breath pressure brings forth a series of pitches, a natural harmonic «scale». We will practice blowing and improvise some Norwegian and American melodies.