May Østhassel

Artistic and executive management

Main Instrument: Piano
Secondary instruments: Singing, guitar and harp
Genres: Classic, rhythmic / pop / rock, folk music, improvisation and chords.

Maya / May Østhassel founded Maya's School of Music And Performing Arts / MAYA Music & Kulturskole in Oslo, Norway in 1981 and has more than 30 years experience in teaching, administration and organization of music and culture. She has worked at the school as a piano teacher, music teacher and as a trainer for "Music from the beginning of life" for children from 0-4 years of age. Prior to 1981 she taught for five years at a private music school in Oslo. Maya now works mainly as the school's artistic and administrative director.
Maya completed bachelor studies in teacher education at the Barratt Due Institute of Music, specializing in music for preschool and elementary school. She also completed 1-year of postgraduate studies in instrumental and piano pedagogy at the same institute. She then took basic and intermediate courses in musicology at the University of Oslo, and 1 year of postgraduate studies in administration and management at the Norwegian State Academy of Music.

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Eli Storbekken, who was born in Tolga in the county of Hedmark is one of Norway’s well-established folk singers. She has had a long and varied career in folk music and worked alongside musicians from varied musical backgrounds such as Jazz, classical and world music.
In later years, Eli collaborated with guitarist and producer, Georg Buljo, which led to the release of two well-acclaimed CDs: “Maros” in 2009 and “Songen til fløyta” /”Song for the flute” in 2012, the latter containing compositions by Eli's father, Egil Storbekken (1911-2002).
Eli has contributed to numerous folk music festivals in Scandinavia and has been on tour in Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Iraq and Qatar. She has performed in the group, “Det Syng”/”It sings” with Agnes Buen Garnås, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Sinikka Langeland and Halvor Håkanes.

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Magnar Storbækken is an eminent craftsman. He is one of the very few instrument makers in Norway who continue to produce old-fashioned folk music instruments associated with traditional mountain herding and dairy-farming. These instruments include:

  • Neverlur -a long wooden trumpet,
  • Seljefløyte - a long flute without finger holes, traditionally made from willow/sallow bark.
  • Bukkehorn - Billy goat’s horn/Ramshorn

He also makes flutes of horn and bone, as well as clarinet-type instruments.

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Mary Barthelemy (1947) is originally from Minnesota. She grew up in a creative home, with parents who appreciated international folk music and dance. The family moved several times, from Minnesota to Texas, to Massachusetts and back to Minnesota. In new environments, the family found social involvement thru international folkdancing. Mary got tricked onto the dance floor as a teenager and got into the groove of kolos, the hambo and contras etc. Playing music for dancing, on cornet and folk flutes, turned out to be fun too.
While studying at University of Chicago and University of Minnesota (anthropology and ethnomusicology, 1966-1973) she was active in Balkan, Scandinvian and international folk dance groups –both as musician and dancer. She was also active at Folklore Village Farm, Wisconsin, during this period.

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Helga D Storbekken attended the Strykejernet Art School in Oslo, Norway, from 1985 - 1987. She continued studies in 1992 at the New School of Painting (DNM), associated with Oslo Photo Art School. She studied graphic design at the Mercantile Institute (MI) in Oslo. Helga now works from her own studio in Oslo.
Helga combines painting with photography. Over the years she has exhibited her work in many parts of Norway, both alone and with other artists. Her works have been purchased by various companies and offices, among these Active Real Estate in Oslo, Canon Norge AS, Hedmark County, municipalities of Tolga and Tynset, and the Moss municipal cultural administration (for their award of honor).

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Music education

- Masters in Musical Theatre from London College Thames University.

- Diploma in composing from Norwegian State Academy of Music (Norges Musikkhøgskole).

- Bachelor degree in Film scoring from Berklee College of Music.

- Diploma in Vocal training from Guildhall School of Music in London.

- Vocal/pedagogic education (Bachelor degree) from Barratt Due Music College.

- Master degree in speech therapy from the University of Oslo.

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Main instrument/ Principle: Guitar
Other instruments: Bass
Genres of music: Folk Music, Classic Music, Rock, Rythm & Blues, Jazz, Lathin, Country Music, world music.

Field of Specialty

Can instruct bands, or any group of Instruments , and help the group fullfill their own ideas and help them sound great together.

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Main Instrument: Violin
Secondary Instrument: Viola and Piano

Emilia Simeonov has graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music / The Norwegian State Academy in Oslo, Norway (1991-1998).

She has worked as a violin teacher and freelance musician in Oslo, then later in the USA.

With both Eastern European and Norwegian background, Emilia’s teaching styles give fast results. Beautiful tones and techniques are achieved more easily with both beginners and advanced students. Emilia has worked with children from the ages of 5 to 18 years old. She has also extensive experience as a conductor and instructor for the string orchestra for children and groups.

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